Jesus washing foot

On July 4th, Amos House and friends will take part in a celebration. Rather than celebrating “Independence Day”, however, we will be celebrating, with others around the country and world, “Interdependence Day”.

As we all know, Independence Day is a “holy” day in the American liturgy, a self-defining moment in the national narrative. For those of us who take seriously the claim that the crucified, risen, suffering servant Jesus of Nazareth is Lord over all things, Independence Day is an interesting day, to say the least. What does it mean that we are citizens of a kingdom brought into being through a Jewish subversive executed by the Roman Empire two thousand years ago? Where does our ultimate citizenship lie? What conflicts arise between our various citizenships? How ought we—a community of faithful—bear witness to a better way in a culture that glorifies not only violence, but independence from other human beings?

The best way we know to celebrate on July 4th is to bear witness to our interdependence—on God, and on one another. Visit our “Events” page to see more on how we’ll be celebrating. All are welcome. Feel free to email us if you want to join in on the celebration.

NOTE: We’ll begin at the park across from the Nashville Public Library at 3:30 p.m. by washing one another’s feet, and the feet of our homeless sisters and brothers.

(Also, here’s a link that tells how others will be celebrating Interdependence Day)


Amos House Community

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  1. the public foot washing is such a beautiful picture of god’s love. i am deeply inspired by it, i think i will have to propose that to my community for our celebration of independence day next year.

    i’m glad i found your blog, and i look forward to reading more about your ministries and being inspired in ours.

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