Starting a family on the streets: A special request for assistance

mercyfund - CopySeveral of us at Amos House work full-time in homeless outreach. Such work involves frequent emergency and crisis situations, and we’re often left feeling like we are a triage team in an ER unit. Two such crisis situations came to our attention a couple of weeks ago. Both situations involve women in their third trimester of pregnancy who are living on the streets of Nashville. Both women have partners with them and feel unsafe staying at the Mission where they would be separated into respective men’s and women’s quarters. One couple has been moving around the city, staying under bridges, in overgrown brush, and inside abandoned buildings while the other couple has been camping at Tent City.

Who are these couples? They are individuals who have grown up in abuse and poverty and have found themselves, for various reasons, without the stability of a home. Like many of us, they hope to start families, to provide a better life for their children than they were given. Much like the men and women Jesus spent time with during his ministry, these couples have found themselves on the margins of society asking for bread and water and a chance at a better life.

The couple that was at Tent City is currently staying with one of our sister communities until they can find more permanent housing. As for the other couple, we’ve been paying for them to stay in a hotel room until this Friday through the Mercy Fund. We’ve been able to assist both couples with food to supplement their food stamps, and are helping them obtain their birth certificates, IDs, social security cards, and insurance. Since both women are in their final trimester, they are prioritized for housing, and we are currently helping them with housing applications and resources. We are still waiting, however, to find out if and when available units will be open to them.

We would like to be able to continue helping both couples with food assistance and housing. We would specifically like to provide at least another week at the hotel for one of the couples so they can continue to stabilize and work on securing more permanent housing. A week at a hotel costs $119 for us (we have a discounted rate), but we are looking for financial assistance with this as it is more than we can cover right now. Please contact us if you are interested in helping. If you’d like to come with us when we take them food and spend time with them, we can set up a time to do that. If you’d like to make a tax deductable donation to the Mercy Fund, you can send a check to P.O. Box 54 Old Hickory, TN 37138 and we will send you a receipt.


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