UPDATE (POSTPONED): A Festival of Shelters: Public Witness and Dangerous Memory in the Heart of the City


Christ in the breadline

Amos House and friends invite you to join us Sunday, October 11th on the Metro Courthouse lawn from 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. as we celebrate the Festival of Shelters. The Festival of Shelters is a harvest celebration based on the Jewish holy pilgrimage festival of Sukkot. It is a time of dangerous memory when one is called to remember the forty years in the wilderness when the people of God were homeless and lived in temporary shelters, yet were provided for with manna from God. (“Dangerous” because by remembering and re-enacting we risk opening ourselves to the work of a God who has been known to interrupt the order and comfort of both individuals and societies).

We invite you to celebrate the festival with us as we set up temporary shelters on the lawn of the Metro Courthouse so that we may witness and remember that we are all the anawim, the poor of God, and that in our affluent city where so many live in such excess, thousands of our brothers and sisters go without food, shelter, and adequate clothing every day of their lives.

Within our temporary shelters we will celebrate God’s economy where there is enough for all and where God’s Kingdom, the Beloved Community, will be revealed in the midst of empire. Join us to proclaim life in the face of death and to share the good news of liberation. Bring your tents, cardboard boxes, or plastic sheets and help us set up a community of hope, mercy, love, and dangerous memory. Around 11:00 p.m., for those who are able, we will exodus the Courthouse lawn and walk to Tent City where we will camp for the night and share in the hospitality of our brothers and sisters who live in temporary shelters every day of their lives.

Schedule of Events:

1:45 p.m., meet in the parking lot of the Nashville Rescue Mission

2:00, partake in Eucharist at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church next door.  Walk to the Courthouse lawn carrying our tents and other supplies.

3:30-ish, set-up tents and dinner

5:00, dinner courtesy of Backyard Burger

6:00, worship

7:30, prayer

… (Break-out groups 8:00-10:30)…

10:30 p.m., exodus of participants and walk to Tent City to camp overnight.

*Participants are welcome to come and go throughout the afternoon and evening. You can park on the streets at meters for free, but if you park at the Courthouse, bring a few bucks for parking.

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