Living out the gospel

On Christmas day, there was an article on the front page of The Tennessean about the work of Doug Sanders, a local outreach minister at Otter Creek Church here in Nashville. (See “Family that lost home finds hope in Nashville.”) Amos House is blessed to know Doug and to work with him on a daily basis. He is the kind of minister that ministers everywhere should seek to emulate. Like Saint Francis of Assisi, Doug preaches the gospel through the way he lives his everyday life. A few years ago, he started taking all the calls for help that his church was receiving. Since then, he has met with hundreds (if not thousands) of people in need and always seeks to help meet their physical needs as well as their need for community and for hope.

The article looks into Doug’s work with a newly homeless family—a family that Doug recently introduced to us. Because of Doug’s work and because of the Mercy Fund, this family has been able to stay together in a hotel until they get back on their feet. Because of the donations we receive and our commitment to living out the gospel, we’re able to provide financial assistance as well as friendship and hope to struggling families like this in the Nashville area. “We know their stories, we spend time with them, we walk them through the journey,” says Doug in the article. This is what Howard Thurman called the true work of Christmas.

To read more about Doug’s ministry, you can visit

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  1. My prayer for 2010 is for an end to the notion that the homeless are “other than.” That we will open our eyes and see Jesus in everyone we meet. Even those we find objectionable because sometimes the objectionable are us.

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