Caring for Nashville’s Homeless Families

Over the past year, we have worked with dozens of homeless families and pregnant women on the streets of Nashville. Many of those families are now in housing, but others remain in shelters or on the streets. Two days ago, we met a woman who was living in her van with 9 children: 3 of them are her children and 6 are her grandchildren. One of the mothers is pregnant and due in two weeks. They are struggling to keep their family together and working hard to provide for each other. As of tomorrow night, they’ll be in a hotel and we are hoping to have them housed in the next week thanks to the Mercy Fund.

You can read about some of the families we’ve been working with through the links below:

News Channel 4, “1,700 homeless children in Nashville”

We have been working with one family in particular for the past 7 months. Though their son recently passed away while he was in foster care, we continue to work with his parents, who are now in housing:

News Channel 4, “Homeless foster child…”

The Tennessean, “Baby’s tragic beginnings…”

The Contributor, Unto us a child is born

Amos House blog, Starting a family on the streets

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