Flooding at Tent City: How to Help

Tent City, Nashville’s largest homeless encampment, located along the banks of the Cumberland River, was completely flooded over the weekend after record rains left much of the city underwater.  On Sunday morning, we helped Doug Sanders and Inner City Ministries evacuate many of the residents and their pets and take them to the Red Cross shelter at Lipscomb University. Over 140 men and women have been displaced. We are currently working with the city and local church groups to locate a temporary site for the residents to live until more permanent housing can be secured. We are taking donations of either money or camping supplies (see list below) as most all of the residents’ possessions, few that they were, are now washed away. If you have interest in donating money to flood relief efforts for the homeless community, you can send a check made out to Amos House (specify “flood relief”) to P.O. Box 54, Old Hickory, TN 37138. Please remain in prayer not only for those from Tent City and other riverside homeless encampments in the city, but the many thousands of Nashvillians and Tennesseans now burdened with the task of rebuilding their lives in the wake of the flood waters.

Here are some of the supplies and items we are collecting:

– tents
– tarps
– sleeping bags
– air mattresses
– flash lights
– coolers/plastic containers (for food so the rats can’t get it)
– bug spray
– toilet paper and feminine hygiene items
– men’s and women’s underwear (all sizes)
– and other basic camping supplies

Drop off sites can be found at www.savetentcity.com. If you know a group that is collecting Tent City supplies and has not coordinated with this site or Doug Sanders, please e-mail Doug at doug@ottercreek.org. Communication and coordination are KEY. Updates on relocation efforts for Tent City can be found on Doug’s blog and a few recent pictures of Tent City can be found at Sans Houses (photo above by Tasha French). Lastly, here’s a link to today’s Tennessean article on Tent City: Homeless Camp Destroyed by Flooding.

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