Update on Tent City

We just received word that this Tuesday (5/18) at 12:00 p.m., the Red Cross shelter at Lipscomb will close. We have been working frantically to get those who can afford a week at a hotel or a month of housing in somewhere by then, but the reality is that come Tuesday, we are going to have a large group of people who cannot afford temporary housing and cannot or will not stay at the Mission for legitimate reasons. A handful of individuals will be approved for housing vouchers, but even they won’t be able to move in anywhere immediately. If we don’t secure a site that people can stay, they will likely try to find somewhere to sleep and stay outdoors and be arrested for trespassing. 
We should know before Tuesday if we are going to be able to obtain property in the city for a temporary site. We are hopeful, but realistic, and if that falls through, we desperately need a back up. We’re contacting a couple of churches and asking if we could set up tents on their land until a temporary site comes through… if you have connections and know of land that might be temporarily available, this is the time to look into it (and whatever land we get can’t be next door to a daycare or a school).

We’ll continue to post updates on our blog and Doug’s blog. Please pray that God moves and opens doors and pray that we will all continue to act as Christ’s hands and feet here and now.

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