Update on Tent City: E-mail Mayor Dean

We are hoping to meet with city officials in the coming days and we need everyone to send an e-mail to Mayor Dean today encouraging dialogue, cooperation, and compassion. You can copy and paste the letter below (adding your name, address, and #), and send it to mayor@nashville.gov.

As for updates, we have received conflicting information about whether or not the zoning for the land we’re on allows for camping. (Check out this news story: News Channel 5.) We should have more info on that later this week. In the meantime, please be in prayerful action and e-mail Mayor Dean!

(To: mayor@nashville.gov)

Dear Mayor Dean,

Based on your words and actions, I know that you, as the highest ranking servant of Nashville citizens and as a Catholic, are concerned about poverty and homelessness in Nashville as well as the plight of countless flood victims who are struggling to rebuild their lives. I also know that you are aware of the current situation concerning Tent City’s relocation. I am writing as a concerned citizen of Nashville who believes in the dignity and humanity of our marginalized brothers and sisters on the streets. Furthermore, I believe that all individuals (including victims of the flood) should have a safe, stable, and dignified place to call home as they transition into more permanent housing.

As an advocate for the residents who have called Tent City home, I beseech you to support the relocation of Tent City—a structured transitional housing site with rules, a respectable standard of living, and outreach support—to a permanent piece of land in the Nashville area. I beseech you to enter into dialogue with ministers like Doug Sanders from Otter Creek and faith-based groups like Amos House who refuse to abandon the residents of Tent City when all others have. Please support and empower Nashville congregations, students, and other concerned citizens who are seeking to serve and restore the dignity of the “least of these” in our community.

I believe the relocation of Tent City is a unique opportunity for Nashville’s public and private sectors to partner together and declare that Nashville is truly a community that demonstrates a spirit of service, compassion, and commitment to all her citizens, and especially to the plight of the most vulnerable among us.

(Name/Address or zip code/Phone number

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