McKendree Oct 31st Action Postponed

As a result of meeting with McKendree leadership after a very positive direct action on Sunday October 24th, there will not be an outreach at McKendree UMC tomorrow Sunday October 31st.  On Thursday Oct 28th, after months of attempting to schedule a meeting with McKendree leadership, members of Amos House met with McKendree leadership to discuss alternatives to McKendree’s trespass waiver.   After assuring us that McKendree is a church committed to social justice, McKendree leadership has decided to consider the matter for two weeks and contact us with a decision at the end of those two weeks.  We are postponing any further actions at McKendree in good faith as the McKendree congregation enters a time of discernment.

Please pray for McKendree UMC, and all downtown Nashville churches as they contemplate revoking their trespass waivers that result in the repeated arrests of our homeless brothers and sisters in downtown Nashville.  The church may exist in the world, but the church is not to be of this world.  As the body of Christ we must offer a radical alternative to the body politic. We are called to be the hands and the feet of the non-violent Jesus in this world; and what we do to the least of these, the homeless, the prisoner, the orphan, the widow, we do to Christ.    Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.


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