Emergency Shelters

While the weather in much of the South today is beautiful, it’s also dangerous for many of our friends who are without housing. The shelters in Nashville cannot hold all of Nashville’s homeless, and many are left outside without adequate clothing and shelter. On Wednesday (the 12th) and Thursday (the 13th), we are planning to open an emergency shelter at Hobson United Methodist Church in East Nashville because the projected temperature lows are in the mid-low teens. We will be able to accommodate couples, pets, and those who may suffer with severe and persistent mental illness. These are some of the groups who can’t be accommodated in the larger shelters. In order to do this, we need volunteers  to:
– Be Inn Keepers both nights (7pm – 7am),
– Go to Walmart, Target, or Kmart and get the $9.99 twin air mattresses (we no longer have access to cots),
– Be present at any time from 6pm Wednesday to 10 am Friday.

We also need donations like laundry detergent, crossword puzzles, games, books, giant trash bags, tents, heavy duty disposable plates, bowls, plastic ware, cups, napkins, socks, men and women’s underwear, feminine hygiene products, dish washing liquid, clorox wipes, cups, ground coffee, juice, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries, and warm clothes. If you are interested in helping anytime from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon, please e-mail us at ingrid.mcintyre@gmail.com. We will continue to post updates on this blog. Thanks!
– Lindsey


  1. Hello Lindsey,

    I’m in to bring a lot of stuff. I’m under the weather right now, and I’m sorry that I can’t stay over.

    I’ve sent Ingrid an email asking what she prefers that I do.

    How many people do you expect to be there on either night?


    1. That’s great! We’re expecting between 30 and 50 each night, along with some pets. Thanks so much for your support!

      with peace,

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