A Prayer for Our Country

On this day may we embrace all of our brothers and sisters in the community of the beloved.

May we strive to be wise women and wise men of peace, of charity, of compassion.

May we promote God’s justice through which none are cast out and all are redeemed.

May we be healers and lovers, poets and gardeners, musicians and teachers.

May we free the captive and feed the hungry.

May we heal the sick and clothe the naked.

May we be midwives of birth and death.

May we beat all swords into plowshares, and follow the nonviolent way of our brother Jesus.

May we dismantle all weapons of mass destruction, especially the false consciousness that keeps us trapped in lives of fear and ignorance.

May we reject retribution, and instead live reconciliation.

May we fully and without fear, embrace and celebrate our citizenship in a kingdom without borders, the Kingdom of God among us.

And may we have the wisdom to live under God’s grace instead of man’s law.

Pax Christi,



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